• What Is Possibility Management?

    Experiential immersion. Profound distinctions. Impeccable clarity.

    Authentic Transformation

    Take Your Next Courageous Step In Life.

    Since the 1970s, a committed and growing community has been working to bring to life an ever-evolving collection of practices and perspectives called Possibility Management.


    In PM, we learn how to transform our ways of relating to thinking, feeling and doing; a process we call upgrading human "thoughtware".

    With new thoughtware and a new way of living, you can create completely new life results without changing the circumstances.

    Possibility Management builds bridges between modern culture (which brings humanity to it's limits) and Next Cultures (which are sustainable and sane).

    Through transformational trainings, Possibility Management offers modern initiation into adulthood. We create deeply safe and beautiful training spaces to explore richly exciting territories of experiential learning for the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Energetic bodies.

    Consciously Feeling

    Learn to Feel in Flying Colors.

    In Modern culture, feeling numb is seen as equal to feeling good. How else could the ocean become so full of plastic unless numbness were a primary quality of the decision makers in charge? In Possibility Management, we aim to discover how consciously feeling can be an empowering and beautiful experience.

    The feelings work in Possibility Management is NOT about getting rid of your feelings or feeling good after you've had a good yell. In the trainings you will learn to reconnect to anger, sadness, fear, and joy step by step at the very pace in which your nervous system can hold and integrate it sustainably. Once you have reconnected to your feelings you will be able to respond to unwanted situations faster and with more clarity, navigate delicate spaces with more precision, and endure more ecstasy in your day-to-day life.

    Adulthood Initiation

    Truly Growing Up.

    For tens of thousands of years, humans have led the adolescents of their communities through rituals and processes designed to initiate them into becoming fully-fledged & responsible adult members of their community. Like most of us, you probably missed out on your rite of passage. It's time to grow up- now more than ever.

    When you look out into the world, seeing all the challenges we face as a species, is there something deep within you that wishes to respond? Do you sense that you have a meaningful gift to contribute to the world? Do you have access to that gift? Do you have a team of collaborators cheering for your success?

    Possibility management offers safe and extraordinary pathways for you to step into your rite of passage into adulthood. The journey is worth it.


    No one can take the next step on the path of initiation for you and NO ONE one can stop you from doing it!

  • Videos About PM

    Expand the Box and Possibility Labs are the

    Core Trainings offered through Possibility Management.

    The videos below give a glimpse into their Magic.

    Expand The Box

    Expand the Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing 3-5 day learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours.

    Expand The Box is a transformational learning environment where you work as a team to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility. The key to these discoveries lies in the extraordinary thought-maps, tools, techniques, and processes of Possibility Management.

    We train individually, in pairs, in small groups, and as a whole group. Learning occurs through practicing new forms of experiencing and creating in the safest of conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences.

    Possibility Labs

    Once you complete an Expand the Box training, you have all the experience you need to attend Possibility Labs. Labs are profound collaborative environments dedicated to transformational healing work.

    Your journey into conscious connection with your feelings awaits you! Come to Labs to take your next steps on your personal rite of passage into full adulthood.

  • The Team

    Trainers, Spaceholders and Trainers-in-training Currently Active In Canada

    Scott East

    I am a Possibility Management Trainer

    and a High Drama Theatre Director

    I Offer:


    One on One Coaching:

    -Emotional Healing Processes

    -Creative Design Process Sessions

    -"Route Finding" Life Purpose Sessions


    Group Trainings
    -North America Trainer Path
    -Expand The Box

    -Rage Club ( Co-Ed and For Men )

    -Possibility Team

    Please Reach Out To Connect With Me!

    Visit my Website:




    Or Email Me at:


    Nicole Hartley Bradford

    I am a Possibility Coach and Space Holder, and a Creatrix of Next Culture Experiments


    I Offer:

    One on One Coaching:
    -Introduction to Conscious Feelings
    -Emotional Healing Processes
    -Mother Graduation Coaching
    Group Trainings
    -Money Club
    -Rage Club
    -Possibility Team

    I help build the StartOverxyz PM Game!

    I would love to connect
    visit my website:
    or email me at:

    Brianne Vaillancourt

    I am a Possibility Management Trainer-in-training passionate about the Earth and the evolution of all its Beings. I am an Inner and Outer permaculture coach; I work with people to create regenerative systems AND to go through transformational healing processes.


    I offer:

    Emotionnal healing processes

    Worktalks related to my current experiments

    Research Team

    ... more on my website! briannevaillancourt.org


    If you are interested in any of my offerings, please email me at briannevaillancourt@gmail.com

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